KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Volunteers are the unsung heroes of communities big and small. Sunday, a local group proved their value by mobilizing to help a family in need accomplish a mighty task.

“I don’t know how we would have done this, I don’t know how,” explained Beverly Hoover who recently moved to Edwardsville.

Furniture, boxes, and personal items were carried out of John and Beverly Hoover’s Kingston home. But the men and women doing the legwork aren’t part of a moving company, they’re volunteers.

“My dad used to be the one to do it all, and now that he’s in a wheelchair and he can’t drive, so it’s hard. This works out perfect,” stated Jennifer Lyons, the Owner’s daughter.

Lyons turned to the Luzerne County Citizens Blight Committee for Assistance, moving her parents to their new home in Edwardsville. Six volunteers spent their Sunday packing up two truckloads full of the Hoovers’ belongings.

“Thank god for these people that are helping, it’s a godsend. Because I don’t know what else we’d do,” Hoover added.

The committee is comprised of 70 local volunteers who spend each weekend in the community doing good deeds for free.

“We work very closely with our county government and Wilkes-Barre City Council. We know the government’s stretched thin, and so we just want to be part of the solution,” stated Gregory Griffin, Volunteer, Luzerne County Citizens Blight Committee.

These volunteers can conquer just about any task from helping people move to street sweeping, to insulating basements.

“I think it’s very important, any volunteer work is given to the community,” said Rachele Brennan a volunteer for Luzerne County Citizens Blight Committee.

“It might be one of us one day that needs a helping hand, you know. And as you get older, your circles get smaller, people move away, people pass away, stuff like that. So, if you’re capable, it’s just so good to show up and help out.”

Help that Hoover couldn’t do without.

“You’re angels, and I thank you with all my heart,” Hoover said.

Luzerne County Citizens Blight Committee is always looking for extra hands.