MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — More than 350 volunteers spent the day volunteering at a region-wide litter cleanup event in Monroe County.

Safety vests, trash pickers, and neon shirts were distributed to volunteers on Saturday morning for the “Pick Up the Poconos event.

Volunteers tackled 30 different locations to clean up litter in Wayne, Pike, Carbon, and Monroe counties.

The bi-annual event is part of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau Litter Cleanup Campaign.

To date, it’s helped properly dispose of more than 24 thousand pounds of trash.

“Cleaning litter is a 24/7 thing for us at the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, but we know that a lot of people want to clean their communities and their backyards, which is why we came up with the Pick Up the Poconos days and volunteers are always very enthusiastic as well,” said Brianna Strunk, Public Relations Manager at the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau.

Pick Up the Poconos is just one of the Visitors Bureau’s litter clean-up campaigns.