EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Eyewitness News spoke with two men who crewed a Sherman Tank during the Second World War, here’s what they had to say when looking back at their time in the army.

A legendary piece of military hardware, and the men who made it a big part of the allied victory. The Sherman Tank first made it onto battlefields 80 years ago as a crucial weapon in World War II, and recently some of those who crewed the Shermans were honored for their efforts.

It’s the sound of these Sherman Tanks at the Museum of American Armor that takes these two veterans back 80 years.

“For an 18-year-old kid who didn’t know anything it was traumatic. We lived in the tank, five guys all the time. The food was terrible,” recalled World War II veteran Jim Andreadis.

Veteran Jim Andreadis recalls the days he loaded shells into these tanks, the main battle tank of the US Army in World War II. He says the tank is a reminder to young people how bad war is, and that it should never happen again.

Andreadis, along with Sergeant Julius Fiorini, wear their hats daily as a source of pride. They say they hope their legacy lives through history taught in school, and their time fighting for freedom is not lost on the younger generation.

“I wear my hat now and people in King Cullen when I go shopping, they thank me and I really appreciate it because it shows they remember World War II. I get upset when I talk to people who have no idea about world war II, who Patton was or any of the generals” said Andraedis.

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