Veterans Voices: Women’s Military Museum Monroe County

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(WBRE/WYOU-TV)  Imagine being a woman serving in the armed forces and every time you show your military id you get this question “where did your husband serve”? 

One army veteran turned her answer… “My husband didn’t serve, I did” into an idea that became a museum.

    Photojournalist Tom Gregory takes us to the Women Veterans Museum and Military Family Services In Mount Pocono.

“I served just about 30 years in the United States Army.  I retired at a rank of a sergeant major  some of the places I served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait” said Claudette Williams, Founder Women Veterans Museum

“Well the idea for this museum is to highlight and show that women served in the military and highlight some of the great women that have made changes in the military,” said Williams.

“The museum was opened in June, June 8th.  I love to say from conception to birth of the museum it took us about 5 months” said Claudette Williams, Founder Women Veterans Museum

“At first I said we should name this museum the wow museum because everyone that walks through the door always go about and go wow! Noted Williams

“The cots have always been a sore point of contention.  During my term I used an Alice pack which is just like a metal frame backpack.  It was a gut buster!  It was horrible!” said Aida Montanez, Army Veteran

“I see it and I just remember long rucks and sweating and wishing it was over” recalled Montanez.

“The fact that we are able to commemorate the history of women throughout the military and different branches, through all the different periods,  I think it’s phenomenal and it’s right in my hometown” stressed Montanez.

“The rank on this uniform is actually a master sergeant,” said Williams showing us around the museum.

“A lot of the things that are in the museum, some of them are from my time in the military.  Some were donated by people in our community, family members.  You’ll see the different boots that we had.  If you go around our doors you”ll see frames that highlight women and all their different accomplishments.  You’ll see the mre’s which are the meal that eat while they’re in the field” noted Williams.

“You actually have to open the top and drink” said Axexis Delavera, VP of Operations.

I came in here in July and I just made it my baby, my own.

“Ever since then I love it and I’m learning so many things about women, women veterans, military, military people in general” said Delavera.

“I am so proud of the women that have served in the military and their family members who have helped to support them” said a proud Williams 

The museum is free of charge but donations are accepted.  It is open on Friday’s 3-6pm, Saturday’s and Sunday’s 12-4pm. You can also make an appointment during the week and they try to change displays as items come in.

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