EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — The mission continues for a navy seal eight years after he retired from the military.

In this edition of Veterans Voices, his name is Jason Redman, and he is part of a network of veterans who now engage in a different kind of battle– fighting for American Allies in harm’s way.

The story begins with a little afghan who nearly died. Instead, she was saved, thanks to veterans like LT. Jason Redman.

It was 2007. Redman was at the height of his military career with an east coast seal team when he was badly wounded in a firefight in Iraq.

Redmond and hundreds of other special operators have used their knowledge and connections in technology, to get people out of Afghanistan before the deadline last summer.

It was called operation pineapple and it helped to get about a thousand Americans, interpreters, and allies away from Taliban oppression. The danger was everywhere.

“Frequently we would get them to the gate and the Taliban would disperse them – firing over their heads, beating them, beating people, beating kids,” stated Redman.

Redman recalls one case where the operation provided virtual life-saving medical help. A father had been captured by the Taliban and his pregnant wife went into premature labor.

“There was a lot of bleeding and the individuals there did not know how to stop the bleeding. One of the medics in the network actually got on the line with one of our interpreters and basically told the people what to do, walked them through how to stop this bleeding and save this baby.”

Redman retired from the military eight years ago after 21 years of service– he was awarded a bronze star with valor and a purple heart.

Redman has authored two books on leadership and overcoming adversity.