KUNKLETOWN, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Overnight temperatures are dropping, and staying in the warm indoors is not always an option for the nation’s homeless. That’s why one nonprofit in our region has a call out for donations to help those who have served.

The Valor Clinic Foundation in Kunkletown looks to be just a home from the outside but on the inside U.S. Army Sergeant Major (SGM) and founder of the clinic, Mark Baylis shows us the true work of the non-profit.

“In 2012, we helped about 35 veterans I think, and last year we helped 3,168,” said SGM Mark Baylis.

The organization provides resources to homeless veterans.

It’s a line of work he never thought he’d pursue after serving more than 26 years on active duty, getting out due to injury.

“I needed something to do to keep me busy while I was going to the hospital all the time for my service injuries and I started volunteering at a food pantry and one thing led to another and here we are,” Baylis added.

Collecting donations such as tents, jeans, and weather-resistant coats – the nonprofit has also worked with doctors to make their own version of PTSD programs.

Its home base at “Paul’s House,” named after a colleague of Baylis’ who died in Iraq on June 16, 2004.

“I’m proud to have known him and he left behind a wife and two kids who let us honor him by naming the facility after him. Major Paul Syverson was his name,” continued Baylis.

Since its start more than a decade ago valor has provided one million meals to veterans and their families.

And now with the colder temperatures coming, he says the staggering number of veterans facing homelessness are in need of help.

“We’re looking for the community to rise up. With the current economy, we think is a big part of the reason it rose so much, but we’re hoping the community helps us help the community,” Baylis explained.

If you have warm clothes to give or would like to send a monetary donation to the Valor Clinic Foundation visit their website.