EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — On this week’s Veterans Voices, we feature a golf program designed to give veterans a chance to learn the game from pro instructors and gain a few life lessons as well.

Every week, PGA Hope takes over a New Jersey driving range to give veterans free golf instruction from the pros. From outpatients needing a place to play, to inpatients from the nearby V.A., everyone gets a chance to learn to play from the volunteering PGA professionals.

“I love the vets, I’m a veteran myself. I’d do anything for them. When this program came about I was one of the first to jump right on it. I think it’s so beneficial for the guys, camaraderie, teamwork, togetherness. They’re not alone anymore, they have something to hook onto,” said veteran and PGA professional Ron Reed.

This former tank commander joined the program four years ago. Back then, he was admittedly a little hesitant. Fast forward to today, and he has become an ambassador of sorts, welcoming newcomers to the range.

“Been struggling with PTSD for 25 years now, I still have problems, but coming here, it reminds me that this is a community and a support group. With this support group I can find myself easing back into situations that I don’t feel comfortable with,” stated one particpant.

“Doing stuff with the vets feels good. Great group of people here and these guys have a reason to hold their head up high,” described veteran participant Bill Masullo.

And now the facility offering these life-changing experiences is getting a facelift courtesy of a $250k donation from PGA Reach and their Places to Play initiative.

Visit this link to contact PGA Hope’s Philadelphia Section.