BERWICK, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — On this week’s Veterans Voices, a unique display of patriotism, one that you can participate in.

It’s part of a fundraiser to make sure the storied history of the military in Pennsylvania is never forgotten.

It’s called Bless Our Vets. A moving display of honor on the grounds of a pair of Berwick churches. American flags are displayed with laminated cards, each containing a veteran’s name, rank, and branch of the military. It’s a reminder of the sacrifice soldiers give for our freedoms.

“There are many men and women who have served our country who sometimes get lost in the shuffle. This is a way to remember their service, to honor them, and to remind ourselves what a great country we have. That people are willing to give their life for it,” explained Reverend William Barbee from St. Joseph Parish.

It started two years ago at two parishes, St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s in Berwick. The recommended donation is five dollars per flag. You then dedicate it to a member of the military, current, retired, or deceased. They can even be members of the national guard or reserve.

Organizers say they typically display four hundred flags. This year, all the money raised will help build a veterans center inside the local library. Organizers say they’re hoping to raise about five thousand dollars. The goal is to preserve history for generations to come.

“It would be a great project to have an oral history. To have high school kids involved in this, so they could come in and get that resource. That’s very important for historians to have eyewitnesses. What was it really like to be in Vietnam,” stated Cheryl Ande from the board of trustees at McBride Memorial Library.

This year’s ceremony will take place on Friday, November 10th at the YMCA on West Third Street.