DALLAS, LUZERNE COUNTY (WRBE/WYOU) — There are many organizations catering to veterans in our area, however, many vets don’t know they have easy access to those services.

But a unique event recently helped get the word out.

On this week’s Veterans Voices, a veterans expo in Luzerne County took on a new look this year, a COVID-safe drive-thru.

The Luzerne County Fairgrounds recently became home to an information-gathering bonanza for NEPA veterans.

Many vets qualify for terrific benefits from several agencies, but they either don’t know about them or get overwhelmed with the process.

97-year-old Sweet Valley resident and World War II veteran Willis Ide says, he’s better informed and in better health because of events like this one.

“I take care of my own flowerbeds, do my mowing. I have a wood burner in the basement. Whatever I’m doing, the doctor says don’t stop, keep doing what you’re doing,” explained Ide.

The bags vets receive here are filled with benefits information, letting each veteran know if they qualify.

“A lot of homework for them to look through and see if, in fact, they qualify for services that they’re not aware of,” said Karen Boback, Rep. 117 District.

And on this day, there were also several American Legion representatives on hand to collect worn flags for proper disposal. Organizers believe this is one of the best ways to honor those who secure our freedom.

“Being a veteran, there’s that unexplainable bond, so it means the world to me to stand here today and to be face to face with so many of our heroes,” said U.S. Navy vet Nicole R. Guest.

Drive-thru organizers say veterans with questions can call their legislative office and ask a veterans service officer for one-on-one help.