HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY : A day of honors in Harrisburg — the Pennsylvania Commission For Women hosting an event to honor veterans

The event is held to celebrate women’s history month.

      Captain Janice Gavern Of Scranton was honored for her service and for her work in bringing attention to women who have served the country.

    Eyewitness News News has featured Janice’s work to highlight veterans in our area.

    Several women veterans were honored.

   Also taking part in the ceremony– brigadier general Maureen Wiegl who as ties to Lackawanna County — and State Representative Karen Boback.

Janice Gavern from Susquehanna County enlisted in the United States Air Force and spent four years on active duty. She then joined the Air Force Reserves and served for another 22 years. She retired as a Captain and continues to serve her country as the deputy commander for Women Veterans Issues at the 15th District American Legion Department of Pennsylvania.