BERWICK, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Veteran’s Day observations continue and Saturday morning in Columbia County a mural honoring veterans was unveiled.

Service and sacrifice were the themes for a patriotic unveiling Saturday morning at Berwick Elks Lodge #1138.

The mural depicts Arlington National Cemetery one of our nation’s oldest and most hallowed burial grounds

“This mural here is a wonderful way to bring the community together to honor veterans but it’s also a way to have anyone who’s out there in the community whether they’re passing through town or they’re walking by, they work here locally to give them something to enjoy and bring more community pride to Berwick,” explained Christine Orlando the president of Berwick Arts Association.

The man behind the mural is an artist originally from North Carolina who lives in Berwick.

Although he is color blind, he says he has never let that be a handicap.

“As an artist, I like to have a purpose behind my artwork and there’s no greater subject matter to add purpose to your work than service and sacrifice,” says artist Vincent Wood.

Wood also says the support of the community has been overwhelming.

“As they rode through the street, I mean the public watched me paint this for two months out in the open and you know I just can’t say enough about how welcoming they were,” added Wood.

Organizers hope that the mural is seen as more than just a beautiful work of art to the community.

A member of the Berwick Elks Lodge believes it can be a way for children in the community to learn about the armed services.

“As a child, I had no idea what the military took from people and from their families. i mean so many thousands and thousands of men and women have gone into harm’s way and that’s not cheap,” said Karen Markle secretary of Berwick Elks Lodge #1138.

Berwick Elks Lodge also served up brunch for the veterans and their guests after the mural unveiling.