(WBRE/WYOU-TV)    A touching tribute to the veterans of the Korean War in Lycoming County

     The men and women of the often called “Forgotten War” were honored and thanked for their service.

     Eyewitness News Reporter Rachael Espaillat has their story

  “I was proud of it. I was proud of the service,” Fred Fischer, Korean War Veteran.

 A peace medal and a handshake. One by one, Senator Pat Toomey and other government officials thanked 70 Korean War veterans for their service during a Korean ambassador for peace medal ceremony in Lycoming County.

   “I feel great. We all appreciate it,” Said Lawrence Truax, Korean War Veteran.

 Toomey led the ceremony to commemorate armed forces week and Memorial Day, showing his gratitude for those who helped South Korea keep its freedom during the war.

  “I get to say thank you personally to so many men who made a big sacrifice so that I, and my kids can live in freedom,” Noted U.S. Senator Pat Toomey.

 These veterans and more than 300 family members made sure the sacrifices are remembered.

  “It’s been more than half a century since the Korean War, but Senator Toomey holds this event to let them know that that Forgotten War will never actually be forgotten.

It’s called “The Forgotten War” because it took place between World War Two and the Vietnam War.

  “The joy that they got for being recognized, even if it is 60 years later is very important,” Said Bob Desousa, State Director For Senator Pat Toomey

 Congressman-elect Fred Keller also spoke at the ceremony, his first official act since Tuesday’s election. His father was also a Korean War veteran.  “He taught me how to respect the flag and the things we need to do and also to respect those who served.” A “Forgotten War” – remembered this day.

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