WRIGHT TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The dust is settling from Tuesday’s primary elections and many people in an embattled Luzerne County school district are liking what they are seeing.

A citizens group fielded four candidates for the Crestwood School Board and they all won…all of them.

The four candidates ran under the theme, “United for Change” because they are fed up with the current school board and decided to take things into their own hands and push for change. The result, three incumbent board members were voted out of a job.

“I’d like to see a return to a more civilized engagement between the community and the board,” Lauren McCurdy, a Democratic Crestwood School Board Candidate said. That’s why she said she ran for a seat on the Crestwood School Board.

McCurdy and three other Mountain Top area residents are vying for five open board seats. They were motivated by a series of events over the past year or so, including a state audit that found inadequate background checks for school bus drivers. That resulted in classes being canceled for two days and the superintendent and operations manager being placed on leave.

The superintendent ultimately stepped down, though he was not directly blamed for the school bus problems.

“If all four of us do get on the board in January, I think that finally having a majority of like-minded people will help us develop a strategic plan which seems to be missing this school board,” McCurdy said.

Tiffany Timpko’s two children attend the Crestwood School District. She supports the ‘United for Change’ movement.

“I’ve seen nothing but the district kind of go in the wrong direction, between misspending money, unsafe schools, bus contract issues,” Timpko said. “It will be nice to get fresh faces on the board and see what they can do for us.”

The school board president was among those who are currently on the board but didn’t win the primary. His seat is one of five up for grabs on the nine-person board.

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