WILKES-BARRE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A new community center in the Diamond City is out to do more than just help. 

“You have a heart you’re a human. What do you need? You’re part of United Blend,” said Evelyn Santos, co-founder of United Blend.

That’s a line that the founding ladies of Untied Blend stand by. The community center on South Main Street in downtown Wilkes-Barre opened its doors earlier this year.

Once you walk into the community center, you can’t help but notice a blend of flags from around the world. Helping all to feel welcome.  

“Feeling free and knowing that there’s a center that can help you. Not feeling left out knowing that there’s a place I could go and have someone that’s gonna listen, that’s gonna help,” explained Miriam Malave, Co-founder of United Blend.”

This new community center welcomes everybody and offers everything from classes to basic everyday needs.  

“Regardless the culture, regardless the race, the ethnicity, beliefs, gender orientation,  we’re here to help. We find answers together. We’re also growing as we see the needs. Talk about shelters, food, um we have someone who has to stop for socks today,” described Santos.

They also offer workshops on business, special needs, and for first-time home buyers. 

“We’re starting classes, citizen classes on September 8, basic English on September 18, and Zumba on the 6 and voting register to vote,” stated Elizbeth Perez, Co-Founder of United Blend. 

The goal of United Blend is to not only help people but to bring the community together and unite as one. 

United Blend is always looking for volunteers and donations. Anyone interested in helping can head over to United Blend’s Facebook Page.