LEWISBURG, UNION COUNTY (WBERE/WYOU) — Frigid temperatures, ice, and a swim, they go together perfectly right?

Well, that’s just what you can find at the “Heart of Lewisburg” ice festival this weekend.

The Lewisburg Ice Festival is a frosty February favorite that’s been welcoming crowds for nearly 20 years.

“Very excited about the ice festival and it’s something that was started years ago because no one comes out in the wintertime. So it was start to bring people out, and its a wonderful event. We have the perfect weather for it this weekend too because it’s freezing cold,” Connie Harter the
Retrah Dwellings owner.

Freezing cold is perfect for the ice.

“Today we’ve got about forty small sculptures, and I think five big sculptures that are gonna be carved today and tomorrow,” said Lynne Ragusea the executive assistant of Lewisburg Downtown Partnership.

But it’s not just about the abundant ice sculpture.

“Saturday is a packed day, so it starts off early in the morning you can register for the frosty 5K at the campus theater that starts at 9:30,” added Ragusea.

If running in the cold doesn’t fit your fancy, how about swimming?

“I will not be participating in it, but the polar plunge on Saturday I’ve heard a lot about that. It’s going to be really cold so I’m really eager to see the turnout and see how many people really jump into the river,” says Hannah Heinemann.

The downtown will be bustling with activities and food all weekend and everyone is welcome.

“It’s a very vibrant downtown, you don’t see that anymore you just see strip malls. Its mom-and-pop stores, huge variety, great restaurants. Great destination place,” added Harter.

“I just hope that everyone stays warm, especially those participating in the polar plunge,” explained Heinemann.

Festivities wrap up on Sunday as those warmer temperatures start to melt away the ice.