EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — A Ukrainian priest working in NEPA tells Eyewitness News he’s been in contact with his family who currently lives there amid Russia’s attack.

The Ukrainian priest has lived in America for the past two years and tells me he hasn’t slept since hearing about the attack on his home.

“Planes and everything else, they tried to crush our capital. I mean right now, they are fighting,” said Andrii Dumnych, a Catholic priest from Ukraine.

Andrii Dumnych is a catholic priest from Ukraine.

Two years ago he, along with his wife and three children, was invited to come to Luzerne County and teach at a church leaving behind his entire life.

“I mean my whole family is there. I mean my friends, my parents, my wife’s parents I mean everywhere,” stated Dumnych.

He tells me he hasn’t slept since hearing about Russia’s attack on Thursday constantly checking in with his family and friends through telegram channels.

“Just last night they texted me and says ‘we are scared, don’t know what’s going on, lights have shut off, I mean we went underground and we are waiting,” explained Dumnych.

His family tells him volunteers in Ukraine are stepping up to help troopers fight and protect those around them.

“Troopers, or refugees, they’ve prepared schools, they’ve prepared churches, I mean any big place is good to have them there,” stated Dumnych.

Dumnych says he’s doing everything he can to help his family including sending them money and praying for them.