UGI warns residents to prepare for potential power outages


UGI is warning residents of potential power outages as forecasted storms move through our area. The company’s storm response team has been mobilized to respond to any potential problems.

UGI electric customers that depend on medical equipment that uses power are encouraged to have a back-up power supply. If a generator is not available, these customers are encouraged to make arrangements to stay with family or friends as severe weather passes.

Customers are encouraged to report outages directly to UGI by calling 800-276-2722. Those experiencing emergencies and special needs should call 911.

UGI also recommends customers prepare for an emergency by creating an emergency outage kit, including the following items:

• Flashlights and fresh batteries (use battery powered flashlights and lanterns rather than candles to minimize the risk of fire)

• Battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries, as well as a battery- powered or windup alarm clock

• Supply of bottled water (one gallon per person per day)

• Non-perishable foods that require no heating

• Hand-operated can opener

• Blankets, bedding, or sleeping bags and a change of clothes

• Prescription medications and a First Aid Kit

• Necessary items for infants, the elderly or family members with special needs

• Pet supplies

• Extra set of car keys and house keys

• Emergency Services and UGI telephone number

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