U.S. Army Golden Knights Take Flight in Northeastern Pennsylvania


WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY(WBRE/WYOU-TV) – Each day U.S Army soldiers are tasked with missions that many of us can’t even imagine.

And for some, that includes being 13-thousand feet in the sky.

I flew along with some U.S. Army Skydivers this afternoon as they helped kick off the “Pocono 400 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup.”

“I’m pretty tired actually..No I’m actually super excited always love having the opportunity to do these kind of things and jumps,” said U.S. Army Golden Knight

And who gets to do this for a living?

“Not too many people and that’s why I love this job,” said U.S. Army Golden Knight.

Up..up..and away! As this airplane soared through clear skies and across Wilkes-Barre and into the Poconos..the World Champion U.S. Army Parachute Team, “The Golden Knights say that couldn’t ask for a more perfect opportunity.

‘I think it’s awesome all of the fans are really great out there and I can’t wait to see them,” said SPC Skyler Ronberg with the Golden Knights.

The Golden Knights just jumped from the airplane going 120 miles per hour at four thousand feet above ground level.

One by one they landed on the racetrack for the “Pocono 400 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup”.

But, the appearance wasn’t just for show.

“Our job is to go around and support the recruiting effort and the army marketing effort and help bridge the gap between the American public and the American Army,” said SSG Blake Gaynor with the Golden Knights.

Staff Sergeant Blake Gaynor has been a Golden Knight for seven years.

“We actually run into people all the time who have never met an American soldier they don’t know what it’s all about and our job is to showcase the training that’s available in the army and show them what exactly the army can offer you,” said SSG Gaynor.

“A lot of people have seen the movies or played the video games and really have no idea what a real soldier is like. What it’s like to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan what training’s like,” said SCF Jacon Kerkow with the Golden Knights.

Sergeant First Class Jacob Kerkow tells Eyewitness News joining the army helped him secure the college funding that he needed.

“This is nt a natural feeling being next to an open door or an airplane in 13 thousand feet but as soon as I got out of the airplane it’s just a feeling of absolute freedon,” said SCF Kerkow.

As much as these soldiers love the adrenaline rush from jumping into thin air.

“Unlike anything else you’ve ever had everything else just goes away and you’re just focused 100 percent on what you’re doing then,” said SPC Ronberg.

They know that being a part of something like this creates an everlasting bond/

“The brotherhood that I get with my team. Being with a close group of friends, brothers, everyone becomes family,” said SCF Kerkow.

The U.S. Army Golden Knights will be back in the region on August 25th for the Pocono Airshow.

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