DALLAS, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Many of us enjoyed an extra hour of sleep Saturday when we turned back the clocks, but a Luzerne County business had to carve out some time because of what they sell and service.

Ye Olde Clock and Gift Shoppe in Dallas was hard at work all week long preparing for Eastern Standard Time.

The store holds hundreds of clocks that need their time manually changed twice a year.

A team of about six gets together and starts about a week before the time change, setting time for more than just grandfather clocks.

“It takes almost a week to do. We do about 500 clocks, watches, and customer timepieces also that they bring in that they’re not sure how to do. We’re happy to help,” said Ye Olde Clock and Gift Shoppe Owner Tom Quinn.

The clock shop in the Back Mountain will go through the process of turning the clocks forward an hour when daylight saving time returns next March 10.