SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Many families might be looking to add ham or chicken to their Thanksgiving menu this year as turkeys are in short supply and their prices are on the rise.

Price is not the only factor that will impact Thanksgiving menus this year as the vicious bird flu is taking its toll, and leaving supplies low.

For some, the idea of no turkey at Thanksgiving is important, but say there are other factors that make the meal special.

“I like my turkey and it’s a tradition so. I would miss it, definitely. I would miss it but what are you gonna do, you can’t do anything about it you know. make the best of it,” Dave and Susan Ort of Dunmore said.

“Well, there’s a lot of families that just the tradition is to have a turkey. I don’t care as long as we’re all together, I don’t care what we eat,” added Maria Hopkins of Scranton.

“Just the tradition of it, but in my mind, it’s more the family at the same table sharing than what is actually served,” Tom Cummings of Dunmore explained.

But for others, these turkey dinners mean much more than just tradition.

We can see how even just one Thanksgiving turkey this year can affect a family, but what about hundreds of turkeys for thousands of people in need?

This will be the 46th year that ‘Friends of the Poor’ provides Thanksgiving Dinner to over 3,000 families, but the turkey shortage is making this year especially difficult.

“We normally order 80, 35-pound turkeys. but because of the bird flu this year, there were no 35-pound turkeys,” said Meghan Loftus, the President, and CEO of Friends of the Poor.

Luckily, orders were placed and guaranteed months ago.

“The only reason we are able to get all of these turkeys is because we hit the ground running seven months ago, and so for a lot of people that haven’t been planning this long, a lot of their Thanksgiving events have had to change,” Loftus explained.

The shortage due to the flu is just an added challenge, on top of the price and demand for turkeys during the upcoming holiday season.

Those who have yet to purchase their turkeys may want to consider starting their holiday shopping.