TUNKHANNOCK, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As the snowflakes started to fall Wednesday afternoon, the snow plows went out in force covering the roads, parking lots, and businesses to keep them safe.

For some plow drivers, the snowfall this year can be summed up in a word.

“Unpredictable, I’d rather a big snowstorm and have it all at once than have it little bits at a time,” said Rory Shupp from Bennies Nursery.

While the plows from PennDOT cleared off the interstates and state roadways, contractors were also out in huge numbers to keep businesses’ parking lots safe.

“So it really depends on the snowstorm so there’s some storms where it’ll snow and it won’t stick, like right now it’s not sticking which is great. There’s times when it will just start coming down and it’s pretty uncontrollable to be honest you kind of just have to wait,” says Noah Atkins, the Site Manager from NIRO Snow Service.

Each storm is unique and that means that their hours of plowing can vary.

“I’ll probably be here until like, I’ll probably have to salt so I’m gonna say like 12:00 a.m. and I got here at 7:00 a.m., so it’s not the worst shift. It’s good money,” added Atkins.

The pay isn’t the only perk of the job for students like Noah, the timing of the storm usually works into his college schedule.

“I’m in college. I’m a junior at Keystone a lot of times if it’s snowing, there’s no classes so it works out really well. So for college students, I think it’s a great gig,” explained Atkins.

Despite the recent warm weather and mild winter, these drivers welcome another round of snow.

“I don’t know I like the job to be honest. It’s not a bad experience, you just need patience and you need to be available for it. There’s times when you’ll be here for two hours if you’re just laying salt down, and then there’s times when there’s a small storm and it’s eight. The longest I’ve been on site was thirty-two hours though,” said Atkins.

Noah told Eyewitness News the job can be feast or famine with this winter being quite mild there really hasn’t been a lot of work.

You can track the latest storm updates by using the Eyewitness Weather Interactive Radar.