Trumpocrats will be key in 2020 election


President Trump is expected to announce his re-election bid tonight at a campaign rally in Florida. The announcement comes as recent polls show he trails Democrat Joe Biden in key battleground states including Pennsylvania. Some political observers question whether Trump can keep Pennsylvania red in 2020 just like he did in 2016.

Trump’s win here in the Keystone State sent shockwaves through the political world. Pennsylvania traditionally votes Democrat. Eyewitness News spoke to folks who helped him win the White House in 2016. They call themselves Transports.

“Considering all that this man goes through I think he’s doing an excellent job. I mean no one could go through all of this. I would probably go cry somewhere,” Eileen Sorokas, Hunlock Creek, said.

Eileen and Richard Sorokas call themselves Trumpocrats, lifelong Democrats who flipped for Donald Trump in 2016 and they say they and their fellow Trumpocrats will do it again.

“What we need help with is immigration. If the Democrats in Congress can give him big help,” Eileen Sorokas said.

They do have concerns about the president’s social media.

“If Trump keeps twittering and getting people upset he just might wind up losing to Joe Biden in Pennsylvania if Joe Biden is the candidate,” Richard Sorokas said.

“What you’re going to see here is a strategy by the President to get into every state that he carried by close votes,” political analyst David Yonki said.

Yonki thinks the president will have to increase his visits to key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

“He is going to be in all the electoral vote states that he carried either by a lot, by some or by a slim margin,” Yonki said.

And what about those polling numbers that show Trump behind Joe Biden?

“Those recent polling numbers I believe woke him up. He fired the pollsters and they weren’t even the people taking the polls,” Yonki said.

Eyewitness News asked the president about his chances in Pennsylvania during an exclusive one-on-one interview during a campaign stop last month in Montoursville.

When asked if he could keep Pennsylvania red in the 2020 election, President Trump replied: “Well, I do think so Andy. We have the best employment numbers in the history of the state and country. Pennsylvania has never done this well. We brought steel back. We brought coal back. We brought so many things back and the state now is doing better than it’s ever done,” President Trump said.

President Trump won Pennsylvania by just over 44,000 votes, 26,000 of those came from Luzerne County, a strongly Democratic county.

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