LAUREL RUN BOROUGH, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A large box truck overturned on Laurel Run Road causing packages filled with beef, chicken and fish to spill out onto the yard of a nearby home.

It’s an all-too-familiar scene on a road through a neighborhood near Wilkes-Barre that’s had enough. An out-of-control delivery truck plowed into a homeowner’s yard spilling its food cargo all over the place.

It’s not the kind of delivery Marie Correll expected first thing Wednesday morning at her Laurel Run Road home: meat and seafood scattered everywhere and an upside-down delivery truck in her front yard.

Chicken that had fallen from the overturned truck could be seen pressed against the porch of a nearby home.

“I heard the thump and I knew as soon as I heard it, what it was,” said Marie Correll.

State police say the driver of a Nebraskaland truck from The Bronx, New York making deliveries to food retailers lost control on a curve then overturned, severed a utility pole, and slammed through Correll’s fence.

“I could see him upside down and he was, you know, banging on the side of the door to try and get somebody to come out. But because of the power lines that were hanging over the top, everybody was afraid to approach the truck,” explained Jody Busch.

“They had to pull him out. He was disoriented. He had no idea where he was or what had happened,” stated Correll.

As frightening as this crash wash, it could have been much worse. Correll says just minutes before the rollover, a school bus with children aboard came through this very stretch of road.

“The bus picked the kids up at the church which is right down the street but it was right across from where we’re standing from now to pick somebody up and he would have hit the school bus,” said Correll.

She says this crash which caused unspecified damage to her home and even a creek wall that spans along her property is further proof safety steps need to be taken.

“We wanted signs put up with the blinking lights but PennDOT said that the borough would have to pay for them and they don’t have that kind of money but something’s got to be done,” explained Correll.

At this time PennDOT still has Laurel Run Road closed between Pine Run Road and Azalea Road.

According to the PPL Outage Map, 18 PPL customers in the neighborhood is without power, work is currently being done to restore the power.