WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – One of the fastest growing sectors of Pennsylvania’s economy is Transportation and Logistics. Even so, companies simply cannot find enough truck drivers and warehouse workers to meet the demand in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. No matter where you turned, companies that move freight by truck or warehouse items for major retailers were advertising for employees today. Employers told Eyewitness News reporter Andy Mehalshick that the challenge was just getting people to even consider a career on the open road. In the past five years, Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania has become a major center for warehouse operations. Just about every industrial park in our area has distribution centers for nationally known companies. That translates to a lot of jobs but relatively few takers. So today, employers joined forces in a big recruiting drive at the “Pennsylvania Career Link” in Wilkes-Barre. It worked. Dozens of people looking into a new career showed up–including Antonio Cella, Cella told us, “Right now I’m looking at over-the-road, but a lot of companies offer regional, Eastern, and local. Whatever you’re looking for”. Some are turned off by the long hours even though you could earn great money. Employers find themselves in a catch 22. Mort Goldsmith of Calex Trucking said, “The industry is growing but also the drivers in the industry are getting much older. Many are reaching retirement age and new DOT regulations are weeding out the weaker ones”. Those federal regulations include tougher educational requirements for example: Drivers must have a working knowledge of all the hazardous materials that could be hauled over the road. Job fairs like this are a must for many companies who say they want to educate potential employees about what they have to offer. To qualify for a truck driver position..you have to have that commercial license – which can take up to a year to earn. On the other hand, many companies offer that training as part of the job – and more colleges are offering truck driving courses as well. There are also warehousing jobs open which do not require specialized training.. employees can get on the job training after they are hired.