WEST PITTSON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — On Halloween Night, it’s tradition for people all over the world to dress up and go trick or treating. For one local borough, they took Halloweening to the next level and turned their streets into a Halloweentown.

28/22 News Reporter Emily Allegrucci was there to tell us about the fun. West Pittston was transformed into a world of frights and fun.

The streets were closed off as trick-or-treaters from all over the area stopped by for some spooky and safe Halloween magic.

After weeks of preparation, West Pittston welcomed hundreds of the spookiest trick-or-treaters into their very own Halloweentown. Almost every house was decked out in its Halloween best.

“We are known as the clown house in West Pittston,” said Joe Hussey of West Pittston.

The clown house attracted crowds with its spooky and entertaining decorations.

“We just started about a week and a half ago, normally we do it the day before. We like the element of surprise for everybody that comes through,” Hussey explained.

As Halloweeners went house to house, the streets of West Pittston were shut down for a safe and fun time for all.

“It just makes me feel great. She’s safe, nothing to worry about, no crime, it’s just an amazing city,” Pittston resident Nicole Davitt said.

Something that the young and young at heart could appreciate.

“It’s just knowing that they care so much about Halloween and trick-or-treaters and everyone with the kids,” said Aviaunna Espaillat of Wilkes-Barre.

As the closed streets bring those in Halloweentown a sense of safety while trick or treating, they also said that this new tradition is bringing back the spirit of halloween.

“It’s definitely family-oriented, I mean it keeps the tradition of door-to-door Halloween going on and on,” Davitt said.

“I think that Halloween has kind of died out in the last few years and now that it’s coming back again, kids will have a great memory,” Hussey stated.

The most exciting part of the Halloween fun for many is the candy, something that West Pittston had plenty of.

“It’s a really good town to go trick or treating in, bunch of houses, they’re, like, all over West Pittston. We know they have a lot of good candy,” said Wyoming resident Aaron Marshalonis.

The reaction from everyone Allegrucci spoke to was very positive and they hope to see the Halloweentown tradition continue next year.