TANNERSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Many in the trucking industry started their workday a little later than usual while plows cleared the snow-covered roads.

With snow in the forecast, PennDOT temporarily put speed restrictions in place on most interstates and restricted some vehicles in surrounding counties.

Those vehicles include unloaded tractor trailers and passenger vehicles towing trailers.

We stopped at a rest stop in Tannersville and spoke to some drivers who say they didn’t see much of an impact.

“I waited a while. I didn’t get on until 9, 9:30 cause I wanted the snow to die down first before I did anything. You know figure by that time the roads should be better which they are,” stated Chris Velez

Velez has been driving for nearly 10 years in jersey and says he didn’t seen many trucks on the road this morning.

“I’ve driven in snowstorms worse than this before. It’s just a matter of you got to be careful. And you got to know when it gets to be unsafe and then you got to just pull off the road by and go find a place to park and wait until it’s done,” stated Velez.

Sarah Markle says she also waited two extra hours to get on the clock today. When asked if she believes the travel bans would affect the supply chain shortages.

“Not today, I don’t think it’s so bad today but in general it does affect what we do it’s definitely a factor,” said Markle.

We’re told PennDOT works with state police and Pennsylvania emergency management to determine if and when travel restrictions go into place.