EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Potholes are an all too common problem here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. In an effort to keep drivers safe, State Farm has tips for all your pothole problems.

According to State Farm, drivers can avoid pothole damage to their cars if they properly inflate their tires, travel at safe speeds, keep their eyes on the road, and stay in their lane. Additionally, State Farm says if you see a street with many, or, dangerous potholes you’re urged to call the local city, municipality, or transportation department and let them know.

If you’ve hit a pothole, State Farm says dents in your tires or rims, low tires pressure light, and even a pulling sensation while steering are all signs of damage. They also advise that filing a claim due to pothole damage isn’t always the best idea since the cost of those claims usually are below the cost of your deductible.

Since most roads are state or city-owned, State Farm says drivers can look into being compensated for the damage to their cars. In many cases, the driver will need pictures of the damage and pothole, as well as an estimate for the claim. State Farm also advises it’s better to file the claim earlier rather than later since there could be a time limit.