SHAVERTOWN, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – When it comes to providing medical care to the community, there aren’t too many families like one in Luzerne County. This family has a legacy spanning three generations. Eyewitness News Healthbeat Reporter Mark Hiller takes us to the Back Mountain for a look.

“Some of us are born to do certain things and I can’t imagine that I could have done anything other than be a doctor.” Commonwealth Health Family Physician John Carey, MD shares the same name and same profession his father had. “He wrote this prescription about a successful vaccination in September 4th of 1947 three days prior to my birth,” said Dr. Carey while pointing to the framed paper proudly hanging on his office wall.

Now 71 and a half years later, Dr. Carey is ready to call it a career. “I do not want to leave my patients but the fact that they’re going to my daughter is beyond gratifying.”

32-year-old Devin Carey is following in the family business. She will provide care in Luzerne County which her grandfather first did in the 1930s followed by her father who started in the 1970s. “Now having the Carey name, the Dr. Carey kind of to back me up… As a new doctor that’s amazing. I feel like with only, you know, a year of experience I really have 50 years of experience behind me just because of my family,” she said.

Dr. Devin Carey joined her father’s practice in October. By having this father-daughter dynamic, the Careys believe they’ve been able to provide their patients with the best of both worlds: decades of experience combined with modern-day knowledge and technology.

Some things like bedside manner just can’t be learned in medical school which is why Dr. Devin Carey is soaking in as much from her dad as she can. “End of life care and dying and comforting family members and laughing with death and that’s, I mean, shaped the way I handle so much of the way I practice. I just feel like I came into it a lot more comfortable than the average new doctor.” After hearing that, Dr. John Carey said to his daughter, “That went right to my heart. I have not heard you articulate that,” as he prepares to pass the torch to carry on a three generation legacy of healthcare. 

Dr. John Carey plans to turn over the family practice to his daughter at the end of June. He says he will still continue working in hospice care. The Carey family medical practice is located at 176 N. Main Street in Shavertown which can be contacted at 570-675-0900.

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