WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A non-profit organization has donated to multiple programs to help families in crisis.

For almost 10 years, Pearls with a Passion, a women’s giving society through the first community foundation partnership of Pennsylvania, has been helping communities in Lycoming and Union counties.

“This past May we were able to grant $26,000 to some area non-profits,” said Vanessa Hales, Assistant Director of Philanthropy of First Community Foundation Partnership of PA.

One of those 6 recipients is ThinkBIG Pediatric Cancer Fund, an organization dedicated to supporting Northeast and Central Pennsylvania families battling pediatric cancer.

“We pay mortgages, rent, utility bills, car bills, phone bills, and internet bills. So that parents can really focus on that treatment plan for their child instead of worrying about their bills,” explained Mark Stankiewicz, Managing Director of ThinkBig Pediatric Cancer Fund.

ThinkBIG was granted $5,000. Stankiewicz says more families have been reaching out for help, and donors like pearls with a passion, make their mission possible.

The demand for our assistance has increased over the last couple of years and we’ve been very lucky to be able to continue to help every family that needs it, Stankiewicz added.

Pearls with a Passion picks a grant theme each year, and this year’s was families in crisis, something Hales explains has been crucial throughout the pandemic.

“Families that may have had other reasons for being in crisis, that’s just been exacerbated. So right now is really a fantastic time to get involved,” Hales added.

To learn more about both Pearls with a Passion and ThinkBIG Pediatric Cancer fund visit their websites.