SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) —The University of Scranton brought back it’s dog therapy event in person for the first time since the pandemic began.

Thanks to the pups, more students were smiling instead of stressing today.

30 dogs came out to help students at the University of Scranton Tuesday with their stress.

Instead of thinking of their workload, the dogs are there to help students like Eliza Phenneger relax a bit.

“I’m stressed I had a big exam yesterday another big event tomorrow and then the weekends I have clinical from Thursday to Saturday like 12 hours at a time so it’s a lot,” said Phenneger.

Studies show that blood pressure lowers by just touching a pet.

“It makes me happy. All my stress goes away. All the stress about having five papers due is gone,” said Ashley Burdick, student.

“I have seven classes this year, which is a lot. And just being here destresses me, and makes me feel so good,” said Jeremy Dickinson, student.

Students say this is their favorite day of the year. However, it’s also beneficial for the dogs.

Max’s owner says he’s no stranger to the royal’s pet therapy event.

“I have my beagle Max. He’s been here since 2010— at the very first one. He’s my old man. He’s 14-years-old. This is one of his favorite days of the year though. He loves it,” said Sean Brennan, history department professor.

The dogs also help students that may feel homesick or just miss their animals back home.

“I really love it. I miss my dog, but it’s definitely amazing. It’s such a cool experience,” said Bryanna Thomas, student.

Nearly a thousand students were able to decompress as their midterms begin.