The Tradition of a “Fingers Tournament” for C.H.I.P.P.S.


HAZLETON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/YWYOU-TV) A unique fundraiser out of Luzerne County is helping to raise money for ‘The Committee to help Handicapped Infants and Parents Succeed ‘ or ‘C.H.H.I.P.S.

   An “Italian finger tournament” was held at the Hazleton Elks Lodge.

   Eyewitness Reporter Lauren Hensley explains how this traditional game is played.

It’s no ‘rock– paper– scissors’—

            The Italian finger game is an intriguing hand game of throwing a finger and predicting what your opponent will throw to arrive at a total number of fingers.

David Lachette explains “Look them right in the eye and see what number he is going to through down”

            For example if you call ‘6’ and you throw ‘2’ fingers and your opponent throws ‘4’– you get the point.

            It seems like a simple gave of addition… But once things speed up… It’s pretty hard.

 Our Lauren Hensley gave a whirl….and had some fun!

“We have some of people who just come and watch the guys yell and scream and sound by the end of the day they’re not going be able to talk.” Said Dave Molosky, Co-Chair of the Tournament.

              And while the competition is fierce… The reason behind the tournament is tender-hearted.

            The event raises money for ‘the committee to help handicapped infants and parents succeed ‘ or ‘C.H.H.I.P.S.’  

            The money raised goes to help the most vulnerable in our community.

“So a lot of the fund that we raise throughout the year we provide to the infant stimulation program because what we’ve learned the earlier we intervene the better success we have.” Said Rocco Colangelo, Jr, CHIPPS

“The highlight of the day is to see how much money we can raise for the infants.” Added Molosky.

The tournament has been played in Hazleton for 38 years.

     It has raised 400-thousand dollars for ‘C.H.H.I.P.S

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