BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Showcasing what the 167 Bloomsburg Fair has to offer, PA live! host, Chris Bohinski, visited many hotspots at the fair. From the pig pen to the food tent, the Bloomsburg Fair has much to offer for those visiting Columbia County.

Featured on PA live!, Paul Yoachim of the Pork Producers of Pennsylvania was able to show off the intelligence of the pigs at the Bloomsburg Fair.

Two pigs featured in the pig pen, Regina and Ramona, were able to follow commands like a dog would, being able to sit and beg with an apple slice as their reward.

Also at the Bloomsburg Fair is Caitlyn O’Connor of Side Hill Pastures in Nescopeck, with her cow named Mystery.

Caitlyn explains what goes into caring for a show cow, such as washing, conditioning, and cutting Mystery’s hair, and feeding her some hay.

Queen Alternate of the 2022 Bloomsburg Fair, Kylie Kingston, explains her role in the fair and representing her hometown of Bloomsburg.

Making your way through the fair, some of the biggest things that would stand out are the food stands.

One food stand in particular, Yogi’s Potato Pancakes, features crispy and crunchy butterfly fries.

To show how they’re made, Shea Hughes of Yogis Potato Pancakes demonstrates the process of making the snack.

Not far from Yogis Potato Pancakes, there is another food stand that has pizza.

Jimmy Sabatino of Vesuvio’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar showcases some new pizzas to try at the fair.

One new pizza at the fair this year is the Dessert Pizza, with Nutella, and strawberries topped in chocolate sauce.

Another new pizza to try is the Dill Pickle Pizza, which has dill pickles, ranch, and dill weed.

If the new choices are not appetizing, the staple of the pizzeria, the Cheesesteak Stuffed Pizza is also available to fairgoers.

Bissinger’s Apple and Peach Dumpings offers a sweet treat for fair-goers.

Cheri Bissinger of Bissingers Apple and Peach Dumplings explains that they make homemade apple and peach dumplings and that their dough is all made by hand, from scratch.

From Columbia County, sweet apples are pivotal in making the fan favorite.

The dumplings are also served with Manning’s Homemade Vanilla and Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Seeing all that food, it’s hard to resist caving to the cravings, and the PA Dutchalicious Amish Glazed Donuts may do you in.

Dawn Beers of the PA Dutchalicious Amish Glazed Donuts shows how fresh, handmade treats are fried and glazed.

Also offered is the Apple Delight Donut to satisfy any visitors’ sweet tooth.

Atop the famous Stewie Tank are father-son duo Bill and Adam Hartzell of the Stuart Tank Memorial Association.

Built, in December 1942, in Berwick, Pennsylvania, the tank was used in Italy during World War II and will be celebrating its 80 birthday this year.

Bill and Adam Hartzell hope to teach about the history of Berwick’s involvement in WWII.

Before the gates close, there would still be time to grab a fresh fruit pie at G&M Concessions.

Gretchen Mills from G&M Concessions demonstrates how the pies are made and shows that they are also topped with ice cream.

Monday was the third day of the Bloomsburg Fair and the fun is not slowing down.

Despite some light rain earlier Monday, lots of people packed their way into the Bloomsburg Fair Grounds.

There was plenty available to keep everyone busy, like sky rides, a dog show, and all “All Star Barnyard Revue” which featured pig races today, and always their were plenty of rides to keep kids entertained.

Everyone’s favorite? The fair foods. From crispy potato chips, to doughnuts to sausage and peppers, and pizza, there was something for everyone to choose from.

Some say the food is what gets them to go to the fair.

“Honestly I came for the Oreo’s, deep fried Oreo’s, that’s what I came for. That was the first thing we did, and we saw this and decided ‘Let’s try this,'” said Jacob Slosky from Wilkes-Barre.

The Bloomsburg Fair continues through this Saturday and everyday is sure to be packed with fun and excitement.

Monday is free admission for anyone 65 years of age and older. While Tuesday is free admission for students 13 to 18 years old, and Wednesday is free admission for all military personnel.