DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Folks witnessed history Thursday as they gathered to visit the first-ever ‘NEPA Fair.’

Carly Moffa is one of the many musicians playing at the first-ever ‘NEPA Fair.’ The new jersey native played at The Peach Festival and insisted on coming back to Lackawanna County.

“The community in Scranton was just so welcoming, authentic, and raw. So, when Matt said, ‘Hey I have this fair, I said hey let me in,’,” said Musician, Carly Moffa.

Matt Kester came up with the idea. He says there just weren’t enough festivals and concerts going on in the Greater Scranton Area, so he decided to make one of his own.

“It just kind of evolved. The more people I asked, ‘Hey do you want to get involved? It was just yesses all these yesses. It made this whole thing morph into a fair. We wanted to make it something anyone could come to,” explained Organizer, Matt Kester.

The fair had everything from live music to fireworks to even carnival rides all included at a low price.

“For $10 you’re getting the rides, fireworks, and entertainment. I mean everyone knows it’s important now. Everything is more expensive no matter where you go, so people are choosing between paying bills and going out to do something fun with their family. We wanted to make sure we could do something that allows them to not feel bad for going out and having a great weekend,” Kester explained.

The NEPA fair kicks off at 2:00 p.m. and will run through Sunday at the Circle Drive-In Theatre in Dickson City.

“We’re going to have music, great food, S&S amusement carnival rides, fireworks on Saturday. It’s going to be great music, great weather, a lot of fun,” added Dave Castelli the General Manager of the Circle Drive-In Theatre.

One of the only things you have to pay extra for is food and there are plenty of options to choose from like the Hog Farm BBQ Company.

“Serving pork products, bbq pork products. I love doing events. This should be pretty good for me,” explained Mark Bakos, the Owner of the Hog Farm BBQ Company.

Visitors will also find raffles, bingo, and a beer tent, something for the whole family to enjoy. All for just 10 bucks.

Visit the NEPA Fair’s website to find out how you can buy tickets.