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December 10, 2015
1.   I was hit by a drunk driver who was apparently on their cell phone.  I have a broken leg and a scar on my forehead.  The only problem is I have limited tort-now what?
Brian –  Dallas
December 11, 2015
2. My brother was injured on the job.  He injured his lower back and now has radiating pain in his legs. The employer on listed the injuries as a sprain strain.  Do I have to do anything to correct the description of injuries? 
Matt – Lake Winola
December 12, 2015
3.   I own a double block and our tenant is refusing to pay the rent.  It has been 2 months and no rent.  What do I have to do to evict this tenant?
Sammy – Scranton
December 14, 2015
4. My sister left marijuana in the house and the police came to the door and wanted my parent to let them in to search the home.  Do they have to let her in?
Greg- Wilkes Barre
December 15, 2015
5. I injured myself at work and my employer wont pay for my medical bills.  Will my private insurance pay the bills?  
Jean – Peckville
December 16, 2015
6. I am collecting workers compensation from my employer and I want to apply SSDI can I get both?
Jamie – Hazleton
December 17, 2015
7. I was treating with my family physician and he sent me for an Cat Scan of my chest because I was having discomfort. Nothing was done for 2 years.  I went back to the same doctor with the same complaints and they compared the studies and apparently there was a mass that was missed 2 years ago and now i have stage 4 cancer.  Do i have case?  
Larry – Nanticoke
December 18, 2015
8.   I was charged with my second DUI this year.  I didn’t have any before but I am worried that I am going to jail.  Am I? Do i need a lawyer?  
Pete – Bloomsburg
December 19, 2015
9.    I was involved in a bad car accident with a tractor trailer 3 months age.  I was rear ended and my car was totaled.  The trucking company is trying to meet with me to settle the case.  I really think I need a lawyer because I am hurt pretty bad.  
Nick – Danville

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