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I was rear-ended at a stop light, and I am limited tort.  My friend told me I do not have a case.  The car was traveling 45 mph before he hit me and I am in a lot of pain.  Is there anything I can do?

Tara Scranton

My mom fell in the grocery store and landed on her knee.  She has to have her knee replaced.  She doe not want to sue the grocery store but she is worried about her medical bills.  What can she do?

Jeff Pittston

My brother had been complaining of pain for over a year in his back.  He saw his doctor regularly and was just told it was part of the aging process.  He went to a pain management doctor and they ordered an MRI.  He was just told he has cancer.  What can he do?

Lisa Moosic

I was running at a local high school track when I was suddenly attacked by a dog.  I had to have stitches.  The owner said it was the first time this happened.  Can I bring a claim against the owner?  What about the school?

Steve Throop

My friend and I were run off the road by a tractor trailer.  The driver took off but we got his license plate and called the police.  We heard he is denying running us off the road.  I wasn’t injured but my friend is still in the hospital.  Can the truck driver get away with this?

Erin West Side

 I was walking home from work when a car came up on the sidewalk and hit me.  The driver did not have any insurance.  I was hospitalized for 2 weeks.  What can I do?

Kevin Jessup


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