STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The foster care crisis is sweeping across the nation as more children are being placed into care.

Back in August, The Kindness Cottage opened its doors in Stroudsburg providing clothing, toys, and more to foster children and youth like Ashley Baker.

“We’re here, we’re everywhere you go there’s going to be foster children. Sometimes we’re not seen or heard and they’ve been giving me the platform and giving all the other kids that platform to be seen and be heard so it really touches my heart,” said Ashley Baker, a volunteer for The Kindness Project.

An empty sun canvas waiting to be painted with fingerprints of children who walk through the door.

Fast forward ten weeks and the sun is now speckled with prints from more than 70 children in foster care who have been helped by The Kindness Project.

“Foster families have just felt loved and appreciated and they love walking through our doors,” said Liz Johnson, Pocono Regional Director of The Kindness Project

Liz Johnson is the Pocono Regional Director of The Kindness Project, a Lehigh-Valley-based non-profit that expanded to the Poconos after seeing the lack of support for foster families.

“Kids are coming into care and they don’t have anything that they might need so being able to come in and they’re able to get their coats and their winter pajamas and school uniforms if they’re in school,” Johnson explained.

According to the child welfare information gateway, more than 117,000 children and youths were waiting to be adopted, with more than 150 of them currently in foster care in Monroe County.

“Every week we’re just learning new things. We’re learning more about our community and the needs that they really have and we’re able just you know to be able to reach out to people to get those needs filled,” Johnson added.

Johnson and her family have fostered and gone through the adoption process, something she hopes people will learn more about. To lend a helping hand to those in the foster care system.

“If you have room in your house and if you have room in your heart, you know just open that door and see where it leads you,” Johnson continued.

Working to spread the word during November proclaimed as “National Adoption Awareness Month,” The Kindness Cottage is hosting an open house for the community on November 11.

If you’re a foster parent you can register online to bring your children to ‘The Kindness Cottage.’