BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Another day, another opportunity to indulge in some fun and enjoy some delicious food at the 167 Bloomsburg Fair in Columbia County.

For a refreshing drink, have some of Kohr’s Famous Fresh Fruit Orangeade to quench your thirst, as they have been serving their fruity drink at the Bloomsburg Fair for over 90 years.

To show how the sweet drink is made Earl Bowersox-Foster, cuts, squeezes, and pours out the freshly made orangeade.

For fresh roasted nuts, visit Vikki’s Nuthouse for roasted cinnamon sugar pecans and pumpkin spice almonds to enjoy.

Vikki Kenyon of Vikki’s nuthouse is also the owner of the Purrfect Mugs Cat Cafe in Plains.

The Bloomsburg Fairgrounds isn’t all just food, as it has a wide variety of rides to make for a good time.

Carousels, swinging pirate ships, slides, and even more rides are waiting for you at the fair.

Returning to the Bloomsburg Fair to perform, American Idol Finalist, Aaron Kelly talks about how he has been coming to the fair since he was a young child.

Kelly also spoke about his previous performances in Columbia County and how he’s excited about the various types of food and being around people.

“EAT THE BOWL!” That’s how you are supposed to enjoy the delicious bread bowls served at EAT THE BOWL.

Julie Robbins of EAT THE BOWL serves up some fresh bread bowls to keep you warm during the fall season.

For something truly bizarre, try the house favorite, the ‘Wicked Wahine,’ a bread bowl served with half chili, and half clam chowder, topped with cheese.

To blow away your taste buds, try the Bacon Bomb at Hammi’s BBQ.

Dave Desimone of Hammi’s BBQ showcases the Bacon Bomb and explains how it’s made.

The thick-cut bacon is weaved together with sausage, crumbled bacon, cheddar cheese, their own barbeque sauce, and dry rub all rolled into a log and smoked.

After being smoked and grilled, it all comes together as the sandwich known as the Bacon Bomb.

The multi-floor vender of Norman’s Salt Water Taffy is sure to catch your attention as the colorful treats are made before your very eyes.

Michael Nearhoof of Norman’s Salt Water Taffy explains how the taffy is stretched, flavored, and wrapped.

To bring an end to your day, take a relaxing ride with a bird’s eye view of all that’s happening on the Sky Lift and relish in some fun facts about the fair.

Back in 1855, Franklin Pierce was serving as the fourteenth President of the United States.

Almost two centuries later, the Bloomsburg Fair would still bring joy and excitement to Columbia County as Pennsylvania’s largest agricultural fair.

For a meal that is stuffed with flavor, try Uncle Paul’s Stuffed Pretzels at the Bloomsburg Fair.

Walking through how they’re made, Ethan Meyer of Uncle Paul’s Stuffed Pretzels shows how the pretzels are stuffed and baked to perfection.

Tuesday is free admission for students 13 to 18 years old and Wednesday is free admission for all military personnel.