WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) —  Wilkes-Barre is getting ready for a presidential visit. President Joe Biden is expected to make remarks at Wilkes University on Tuesday.

This is a rescheduled visit from July which was canceled after he tested positive for COVID. Now, students have the opportunity to hear the president speak.

“It’s cool, it’s cool that he’s coming here. I know that he’s from around this area, so it’s awesome to see that he’s coming around here,” stated Khizar Ali, a sophomore at Wilkes University.

The president will speak at the university’s Marts Center, to talk about creating safer communities.

“So while I don’t have final confirmation, I understand it’s around 3 or a little bit after 3 o’clock tomorrow,” explained Dr. Greg Cant, Wilkes University president.

Wilkes University President Cant says at least 50 or 60 Wilkes University students will get the chance to hear the president’s remarks.

Freshman Jada Acheampong applied to be one of them.

“I was so excited. I was like what an opportunity, especially because I thought this was a school that, this was a small school, not very well known but the president is coming here to talk.”

Many students, like Annmarie Lebron, are interested to hear more about President Biden’s “Safer America” plan to further reduce gun crime.

“My hometown is Camden, New Jersey, rings a lot of bells unfortunately for the wrong reasons,” said Lebron.

President Biden unveiled his plan in July which funds the police, invests in crime prevention, and takes additional steps on keeping dangerous guns out of the wrong hands.

A topic Dr. Cant says is important for our community to hear.

“We believe in safe communities, it’s very important to Wilkes as a university and all universities that first of all we can have an active dialog and we can do it in a constructive way,” stated Cant.

The president is expected to be here to give his remarks around 3:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.