(WBRE/WYOU-TV)  Whether you are a first-time parent or your kids are in their first year of school you can make this year a little healthier and safer.
    Eyewitness News Reporter Lauren Hensley has more from the experts at UPMC Susquehanna

Becoming a new parent is a major milestone.
“Having new babies is a special experience for everyone involved” Said Dr, Glenn Klucka, . UPMC Susquehanna

    But with the excitement comes a lot of questions.  
    Experts with UPMC Susquehanna are here to help. 
    They want to remind the parent about the ABCs of safe sleep. 
“Baby should be alone. We don’t want extra blankets, crib bumpers other things because those are know to reduce sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.  B- baby should be on their back.”   “C is crib or bassinet is another option. 
    And when your child gets a little older, a little more active.. that means bumps and bruises. ” added Dr, Klucka,
    Taking a first aid class can help you be prepared. 
“It takes an average of 8 minutes for an ambulance to reach a resident so it’s essential that family members have some sort of basic understanding,” said Tim Weaver, Paramedic 
    Being prepared inside the home is vital… But so is preparing your child for an emergency outside the home.
    Experts recommend to fill out an “ice” card. 
Ice stands for in case of an emergency.  said Annalisa Negrea,  trauma/injury prevention coordinator
That information should include who you are what medical information you want to convey. 
    And if you’ve got a smartphone..most have a built-in “ice” feature. 
    Taking a minute to fill this out could potentially save your life. 
If you could help us help you! .