DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Mike Trevorah, also known as “That Balloon Guy”, provides smiles to drivers facing obstacles in construction zones throughout our area by making balloon animals.

A lot of drivers get annoyed when their travel is delayed because of construction and detours. Meet ‘That Balloon Guy’, an employee of Century Traffic Control who wants to ease their pain.

A unique talent, hoping to provide a smile while traveling.

“I started last Thanksgiving making a turkey. And I just put it on my head practicing and I got such a good reaction, everybody loved it. So, I’ve just been keeping it up, everybody smiles, they just love it. Daily hardhat, That Balloon Guy,” said Mike Trevorah.

Mike has a unique talent and it shows with his different daily attire.

“All different kinds of balloons, all different kinds of balloons. These are mostly 2/60s. They go by two inches wide, and than sixty inches wide. But they have bigger ones, and I have every kind of balloon you can think of. I’ll make anything you can think of,” said Trevorah. “I had some lady bring me a coffee, so I told her I’d make up a bouquet. So that’s what I got. I’m going to give it to her at the end of the day when it’s all said and done.”

“That Balloon Guy” tells Eyewitness News it was during the pandemic. That he discovered his new found talent.

“I got laid off. And I started to do it during COVID. And was just playing around with it. And then I realized I had a talent for it. It worked out, I love doing it, they say, you know, if you love your job. It’s not really work. I mean I enjoy doing it. I love it love making people happy. Love seeing the smiles on the kids, everybody,” said Trevorah.

Plenty of residents agree that he is entertaining and nice.

“It keeps people slow, happy instead of angry. You know the worst thing you want is an angry driver. You know, they come down, they’re mad, they see me. They put a smile on. And they’re like alright, I’ll go around the other way,” said Trevorah.

Recently Trevorah has started a business providing balloon art for all occasions.