POCONO TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Tensions were high amongst residents and the Pocono Township planning commission Monday night as plans for a new warehouse were brought to the board.

The meeting was originally planned to be held here at the Pocono Township municipal building but was rescheduled because of the huge turnout.

It was moved to Northampton Community College where around 100 residents showed up, many voicing their concerns against the plans at the more than three-hour meeting.

A heated argument broke out Monday night at the Pocono Township planning commission’s meeting about plans for a new warehouse to be built in Tannersville.

The company behind the project, Core5 industrial partners, presented the plans for the 302,000-square-foot warehouse to be built off Stadden Road.

Many residents spoke out against the proposal, raising concerns about nearby homes, wetlands, pollution, and ruining the beauty of the Poconos that brings tourism here.

Cynthia Anglemeyer of Pocono Township spoke at the meeting and showed a map of how close the new warehouse would be to her home.

“This is our little one lane road with nine houses on it and our houses are going to be dwarfed in comparison to this property,” Anglemeyer said.

Core5 states the property is zoned as commercial, and it’s taking precautions against stormwater by placing three water basins.

It also states Stadden Road would only be used in case of an emergency, and the main point of access would be from another warehouse on Warner Road.

Those plans for a 702,000-square-foot warehouse were passed by township commissioners back in March.

Many residents brought up the Warner Road warehouse, but the township solicitor stated they are separate.

They also say Monday’s meeting was for the purpose of accepting the plan to start the process of reviewing.

“Once the plan is submitted, there’s 90 days for the township to take action on that plan. If the township fails to take action, on or before those 90 days, then there’s a chance that the plan would be deemed approved as is,” Leo DeVito of Pocono Township stated.

Tensions ran high as the planning commission accepted the plan. One resident said despite the arguing, she felt their voices were heard.

“I think everybody is emotional at this point and they’re failing to see the process. I said to look at it in more of a positive light like the quicker they accept the plan, the quicker they could reject it at some point,” Lisa Buchholz of Pocono Township added.

A Core5 official says they’ve already been in touch with DEP to get proper permits for review.

The Pocono Township manager says they will be transparent and anyone who wants to look at the warehouse plans can fill out a right-to-know form.

If you’d like to make a request to view the full Stadden Road Warehouse plans in person, you can submit a request to the township by clicking here.