MADISON TOWNSHIP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – With temperatures struggling to stay in the single digits Monday it was not easy to be outside for any length of time.

A college student put her own safety on the line Monday morning to help rescue her dog that fell into her family’s pond in Lackawanna County.

Monday started out just like any other day for the Snyder family near Madisonville.

They let their 11-year-old Golden Lab out to go to the bathroom quickly and within moments the dog ended up in the water and needed to be rescued.

The Monday morning rescue isn’t something that Isabella Snyder won’t soon forget.

She had to jump into action to save her dog Buttercup by literally jumping into a freezing cold pond outside her home on Hornbaker Cemetery Road in Madison Township.

The rescue started around 9:30 AM when Snyder realized her 11-year-old dog fell through the ice.

“She was paddling for almost ten minutes probably and it was really, really scary so I knew that I had to, I didn’t think she would make it much longer, we tried to wait for 911 but I knew I had to go and help her!” Isabella Snyder said.

Snyder is a sophomore in college.

While other family members went to get a large broom to try and help the dog, Isabella went into the freezing cold water up to about her waist to bring the dog to safety.

“It was shallow for a little ways anyway and I thought maybe if we could crack some of the ice with the broom Buttecup would maybe swim because she was panicking and staying in, doggie-paddling in the one spot the whole time,” mother Chrissy Snyder said.

When Buttercup went into the water Monday morning the air temperature in Madison Township was -5 degrees. With the wind chill, the conditions felt even worse.

Buttercup was quickly brought out of the water and taken into the house to be dried off and warmed up.

Isabella Snyder says Buttercup is a member of the family and despite how cold it was she would have done anything to save her.

“I don’t regret it one bit because she’s fine and I’m fine and I’m just happy that she’s still here!” Isabella Snyder said.

Firefighters showed up to the family’s home just as Isabella Snyder was bringing Buttercup out of the water. They did a quick check to make sure everybody was okay in Lackawanna County.