SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) During World War II and even before six million jews were killed by Nazi’s. 

U.S. soldiers were among those who “liberated” some of those death camps. 750 students first hand from survivors and those who tried and saved the jews in concentration camps in Germany. 

“There was no myth. I was not hallucinating. What I saw there was so horrific it’s hard t put into words,” said Alan Moskin, a WWII liberator. 

Moskin helped save jews and one of them was also speaking at the 31st Annual Symposium on the Holocaust. His name is 92-year-old Michael Herskovitz. He was 13-years-old when Nazi’s came knocking on his door. “I was lucky because I was tall enough and thin enough. That they looked at me and used me for work,” said Herskovitz. 

Survivors and liberators want to share their story so history does not repeat its self. Plus, share that the Holocaust really in fact did happen. 

Middle and high school students from northeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New York saw a documentary and pictures that showcased the horror of the Holocaust. 

The annual event will continue Wednesday where another 750 will learn from veterans and survivors of the Holocaust. 

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