Teen admits to killing Las Vegas woman


A teen admits to killing a valley mother on video. Now, attorneys for 19-year-old Erich Nowsch want the recorded confession tossed out.

The confession is crystal clear; Nowsch said he killed Tammy Meyers, but he explained that it was a case of mistaken identity.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen. This was not supposed to happen, bro,” Nowsch said on the tape. “You don’t understand. I took out the wrong person, dude.”

Nowsch admitted he shot and killed Tammy Meyers, a mother of four, last February.

“I had my arm out the window. I was shooting,” he said.

Metro Police interviewed the 19-year-old man shortly after his arrest.

“I didn’t mean to hit no mama though, bros,” he said on the tape.

Police advised him of his right to an attorney during questioning, but he continued to talk with detectives.

At first, Nowsch denied any involvement in the murder.

“There’s no way it was me,” he said.

“We know what happened, and we know where you were, and we know the people you were with, okay?” the detective told him.

Less than 30 minutes into the interview, Nowsch’s confession began. Detective Clifford Mogg broke down the barrier.

“What happened the other night, if you had five minutes of your life that you could take back, that would be the time,” the detective said. “You didn’t hunt somebody down. You made a bad mistake.”

“Erich, look at you. You’re reliving what happened, aren’t you? Huh, Erich? Are you?” the detective asked.

“Yeah, dude,” Nowsch replied.

“I know you feel horrible about this, don’t you?” the detective asked. “You got to get this off your mind… It will be okay.”

Nowsch said he knew Meyers from the neighborhood, but he explained the killing was the result of mistaken identity.

He said he thought he was being followed by people who threatened him. He was a passenger in a car that Tammy Meyers followed.

“I swear they was gonna’ pop on me, bro,” he said.

He said he held his gun, which he carried for protection, out the window as a warning sign, but the run-in on the road continued.

He and his driver showed up at Meyers’ cul-de-sac, where he said he opened fire.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. “Just tell them that my intentions were to take someone bad out, not a loving, caring mom.”

Nowsch then called his own mother.

“Mom, I’m going away for a long time, ‘cause I did do it,” he said on the tape.

His legal team is asking a judge to toss out this interview as evidence.

“You’re dealing with an 18-year-old kid who’s scared, who’s upset, and who’s high and who they know is high,” defense attorney Conrad Claus said. “At that point, you’re not going to get an accurate result, and, frankly, it’s up to the police to get an accurate result.”

Early on in the interview, Nowsch told police he smoked marijuana before his arrest.
Claus says police should have waited to question the teen.

He also urged against trying the teen in the court of public opinion.

“At this point, the problem is that this case has been tried on Facebook,” he said.

Claus says it would be difficult to find a juror who hasn’t heard about the case, which made national headlines.

He says he is disappointed the district attorney’s office submitted the video recording as evidence, while he argued for it not to be played in court.

Claus provided 8 News NOW with lab results that show the significant amount of marijuana in Nowsch’s system shortly after his arrest.

According to results, the level of THC in his blood is well over the legal driving limit.

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