SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The November Midterm Elections are coming soon. Wednesday September 14, a statewide organization teamed up with local educators to rally against a gubernatorial candidate’s alleged plans to cut public school funding.

The Pennsylvania State Education Association is calling out Republican Doug Mastriano for comments he made on a radio show earlier this year.

It’s inspired teachers across the state and right here at home to have conversations about public school funding.

“I’m here to give the local perspective, the Abington Heights perspective,” said Jason Burke, a social studies teacher at Abington Heights High School.

Wednesday, he spoke out about potential impacts of funding cuts on his public school district and others like it.

“When I think about this issue, budget cuts, I don’t think about money. I think about opportunities lost, I think about my job and the rest of the teachers that work with me, how hard their job is going to become,” Burke commented.

Burke shared his opinions during a press conference hosted by the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

“For the past month, PSEA has been talking about State Senator Doug Mastriano and his plan to cut school funding in Pennsylvania,” Pennsylvania State Education Association and Elemetary Teacher, Jeff Ney, explained.

During a March radio interview in Altoona, the candidate for governor said the state should reduce per-student school funding by nine to ten-thousand dollars a year.

“The devastating cuts that would happen to all of our school districts would cut basically across the state half of all of our programs, our educators, our support professionals,” Ney stated.

A news release posted by Mastriano’s campaign contradicts his prior statements.

It claims his education plan doesn’t reduce spending by one dime, but it would take a percentage of the state’s per-pupil spending and give it directly to families.

“I am speaking to you as a proud parent of four young children,” said Emily Karam, a parent and Abington Heights School Board Member.

Parents like Karam just want what’s best for their kids.

“If we cut funding, we have to continue to make hard decisions and try to do more with less, when what our students really need is more,” Karam continued.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Mastriano Campaign for comment and clarification on the topic but we have not heard back.

Mastriano is running against democrat Josh Shapiro who is leading Mastriano in the latest poll.