(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Sometimes, to learn a meaningful lesson, it starts with a journey.

     On dozens of Kayakers paddled through the Poconos, as part of an eight-day trip to learn about nature.  On Eyewitness News at Five reporter Brianna Strunk joined us live along the Delaware River – where the group took a brief break – with more.  

More than 100 kayakers are participating in the “Delaware River Sojourn”.

   They are all different ages and come from different states

 This is the second time Joan Merli of Swiftwater has gone kayaking.

  She told us about the experience, “Oh my goodness, it is really amazing.”

This is the Delaware River Sojourn. On Tuesday, participants stopped for lunch at Kittatinny Point, which is in the national park.

   “I think it’s like a journey of sorts. Typically they tend to be on the water or some sort of trail.” Jason Zarnowski, of Delaware Highlands explained.

During this trip, participants learn about the Delaware River, plus the importance of preserving and appreciating natural resources.   Bob Heil is the Executive Director, Brodhead Watershed Association, he told us “There’s a whole culture that people are experiencing, sometimes for the very first time in their life.”

Paddlers taking part in the event live in Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.

They are young and young at heart, ranging in age from eight to mid-seventies.

  “It’s a very diverse group of people here today,” Heil said of today’s journey.

 The Delaware Highlands Conservancy and the Brodhead Watershed Association organized this event.

  “It’s like a picture-perfect Poconos day. I don’t think I could have chosen a better day to join the sojourn.” Exclaimed Joan Merli.

13-year-old Emma Emrey is part of “safety patrol” for this sojourn. She looks forward to it every year.

  “Everyone who comes here, they don’t really like to stop. We’re all family, all know each other’s names, we all know each other.” She told us.

  Some kayakers are making the full eight-day journey, while others participate for a day or two