Taking a Gamble at the Truck Stop


(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Bald Eagle Travel Stop In McElhatten is now the first truck stop in Northcentral Pa to open up a video gaming terminal lounge. It’s also the second independently owned establishment in all of Pennsylvania to go live with games.  Eyewitness News Reporter Morgan Parrish has our story.

 If you’re in the Clinton County area or just driving through you no longer have to hit the casino if you’re in the mood to play the slot machines.

  “There are penny slots I think the lowest bets 50 cents and then they go up to five dollars,” said Sunjeet Singh, Manager/Bald Eagle Truck Stop

 This past Friday, Bald Eagle Travel Stop went live with their new video gaming terminal lounge. It was approved by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, who allowed five brand new gaming machines in the truck stop.

  “It’s super exciting we’re really happy to be one of the first people and be considered in the lot for that our customers seem to enjoy it it’s a nice thing we can bring to the community,” said Singh

Leaders at the travel stop have been working with the gaming commission on this since 2017. They say they have high hopes that this will attract more truckers to stop in.

  “Yeah there’s drivers that play games I know there’s quite a few of them,” said Michael Lang of Florida.

  “It could kill time on the ten hour drive or your ten hour break but then again it could be a costly break come to think of it,” noted Richard Kaczor.

Richard Kaczor trucks back and forth between Lock Haven and Ubly Michigan. He says although this is the first in the area. It’s actually a nationwide trend that seems to be picking up steam.

  “They’re taking over all the driving rooms the phone room where we talk at and you see them at every truck stop now,”  said Kaczor.

Others say more places could follow Bald Eagle’s lead.

  “Actually they used to almost all of them had games before and they sort of have taken them out over the years because they got so many games you can have in your truck with the TV and stuff I suppose but not too many of them have them now,” said Lang.

The truck stop also sells beer, limited to one per hour per customer. Store Manager Sunjeet Singh says with drinks and the addition of the new ‘VGT’, it’s the perfect place for adults to have a good time.

  “We get to bring a fun safe entertainment to the people around.”

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