DELAWARE WATER GAP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Cracking down on rental properties in the Poconos. A local borough in a prime spot for many vacationers adopted a controversial new ordinance Monday night.

The Delaware Water Gap is a great location if you want to adventure in the great outdoors, something many property owners in nearby townships have acted on. But, council doesn’t want to see the rental trend happen in this small community. Sweeping restrictions on short-term rentals.

The Delaware Water Gap Borough Council approved the ordinance Monday night. It requires permits for short-term rentals and places a cap on the number of renters who can stay at the property. A move Jamie Levy Delaware Water Gap Borough Council President says is preemptive.

“We’ve been watching other municipalities have problems and we kind of wanted to cut it off at the paths and enact ordinances basically house rules that people could abide by so that they still respect and care for our community,” said Jamie Levy, the President of the Delaware Water Gap Borough Council.

The borough is small with only a little more than 700 residents. Desiree Siena, a 27-year resident of the gap, Is totally against rental properties in the borough.

“If they say there are four people allowed or six people allowed you know they have these massive parties. It makes more garbage more noise interferes with my quiet enjoyment with my neighborhood, so I’m totally against them for this small town,” explained Desiree Siena, Delaware Water Gap resident.

The ordinance comes amid a nationwide short-term rental boom. It puts a cap on the number of people allowed to stay in the short-term rental per bedroom. A maximum of five bedrooms and 12 people.

The rules will be enforced by an enforcement officer. Council’s hope is to deter large gatherings and parties at rental properties within the community.

“Increase in trash, people tend to care less about areas where they are in for short periods of time as opposed in areas that they live in,” Levy added.

The ordinance put in place holds the property owner accountable should the short-term renters violate the ordinance. Violations range from fines of $300 to up to $1000.

The ordinance was adopted unanimously. Property owners wishing to partake will need to submit a permit application. There is going to be a grace period the council still needs to set a cost for the permit.