RUSH TOWNSHIP, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Old man winter made a Spring return, hopefully for the last time this year, dumping several inches of snow across the region.

Depending on where you live, you saw a little snow or places like Susquehanna County saw significant snowfall, Monday night.

Eyewitness News reporter Cody Butler lives there and described the sight of how much snowfall Susquehanna County received Monday night.

“As you know I was pretty much stuck at home for most of the day. I was leaving to run some errands before work. I get to the bottom of the driveway and there was a large part of a tree crossing the road to my left. I looked to my right and there were several more trees down,” said Cody Butler, Eyewitness News reporter.

Butler added that he was unable to go anywhere as two vehicles were blocking the road and around 9-10 inches of wet, heavy snow fell, weighing down many of the surrounding trees.

“With the trees coming down, we’re seeing it everywhere taking a toll on the power lines. County commissioners signed a declaration of disaster emergency early Tuesday morning as 60 percent of the county was without power at one point,” Butler said.

As far as the declaration of disaster emergency, county commissioners signed it as townships and boroughs needed resources to clean up from the storm. Eyewitness News spoke with Commissioner Hall Tuesday morning as he was going around the county checking on the conditions.

“We put out a disaster declaration for the power outages and down trees. That way it helps if people have to go out and rent equipment and do things, to try and clear it. If funding becomes available from the state,” said Alan Hall, Susquehanna County Commissioner.

According to First Energy and Claverack Rural Electric Websites, there is no estimated time that power will be restored.

In times like these, you saw neighbors, your volunteer fire department, and township and borough workers out there, trying to do the best they can to open roads for motorists and utility companies.