Susquehanna County high schooler donation initiative to help Texas residents get drinking water


FOREST CITY, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — In the wake of the winter storm that battered Texas, a local 18-year-old is attempting to gather bottled water to send to those hit the hardest.

“And they were melting snow to drink water. So, we kinda just came up with the idea to just do a donation thing for water, said Madison McCracken, a Forest City Regional High School senior.

“She was like mom they’re melting water to take baths, and drinking it, and they have no power or nothing. And I hope a lot of people come out, a lot of people put it on Facebook and everything,” Madison’s mom Rudy said.

Conditions in Texas remain unstable. Many are still without electricity and clean drinking water.

“The roads were mostly closed. There is no fuel, no electricity, no running water. There is no insulation in those houses down there, so that is why their pipes broke. You know what I mean? They got hit hard, they got hit real hard,” said Brian Dougher with Biondi Trucking, who drives to Texas regularly.

Others in the community have connections to residents in the Lone Star State and want a way to help.

“They have had no water. I have family there, and it is terrible. So, this is a good thing. And they’re great people,” said Tina Bennett, a donor from Forest City.

The Mayor of Forest City commended Madison for her initiative, hoping that anyone who sees donations taking place can find a way to lend a hand beyond donating water.

“I would like the people, whoever sees this today, all over Pennsylvania, you know what? You don’t have to bring here. Mail it, send in a gift certificate. Send it to Madison so she can send it to Texas, to tell these people ‘Hey, buy a case of water,’, what’s the cost of a case of water? It’s nothing,” said Christopher Glinton, Mayor of Forest City

The conditions those in Texas are facing, not being able to carry out normal routines, were a driving force behind Madison wanting to find a way to help.

“They were taking snow and melting it to warm it to actually wash their, to give their kids a bath, which is just awful. So, all of that really played a part in bringing up the idea of getting water donations from the community,” Madison said.

“So, we just have hearts and I hope everybody else has hearts and comes out, but she was the one with the idea,” Rudy said.

Donations will be accepted Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. until dusk. The hope is to have 2,000 cases of water arrive in Texas around midday on Tuesday.

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